Things Keeping Us Going: Spring Break Edition

Our flight landed in Boston just before 2:00 AM. We got home at 3:00 AM. So this is going to be more pictures than narrative, if that is okay with all y’all.

What. A. Week.

My Personal Chef and I had the best Spring Break we have had since we were undergrads ourselves. Our week in Colorado with a bunch of our favorite people (and their animals) was just what the doctor ordered.

The weather was glorious–sunny and 60s pretty much all week with only one day of snow to give us the full on Denver Winter Experience.

The scenery was majestic–this view never gets old.

The company (family and furry) was gracious and fun and all around wonderful.

There was adventuring together—Red Rocks, Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy, Golden, Buffalo Bill’s gravesite and museum, the Larimer street art district…


and playing together—cribbage (so many hands of cribbage!) and Five Crowns and corn hole and TacoCatGoatCheesePizza and I forget all what else…

and cooking and eating together—there really is something special about sharing a meal with folks you love…

and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day together—green beer, silly outfits, bowling, a corned beef feast, and a day-long dance party…

and just being together, catching up on all the ordinary business of each other’s lives—how the house hunting is going, hearing about the call back for the school play, laughing about adventures in dating, comparing milestones all the new babies are moving through, swapping work stories…

It’s our first full day of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. (Happy autumn, to my loves in New Zealand and you other Southern Hemisphere peeps!)  What does a Spring Break look like to you? How do you love your people? How do you celebrate the ordinary and the glorious?

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