The Brood: My Last, Best Boyfriend

By Theresa Weiler I have been single for a while now, but it wasn’t long ago that I was in a fairly long-term thing.  It was one of those relationships where you’ve known each other for your whole lives, flirting at family events, having long late night talks and intense arguments, drifting apart for monthsContinue reading “The Brood: My Last, Best Boyfriend”

Welcome to “The Brood.”

Reflections on relationships and spirituality from a philosopher and a madwoman. By Holly Mohr and Theresa Weiler brood /bro͞od/ noun a family of young animals, especially of a bird, produced at one hatching or birth. “a brood of chicks” Similar: offspring, young, progeny, spawn, family, hatch, clutch, nest, litter, progeniture verb to think deeply aboutContinue reading “Welcome to “The Brood.””