Talking to Dust…erm, ok. Why?

by Irim Sarwar Hi, I’m Irim, I’m new here, and I’ll be writing a column every other week. My spiritual patchwork quilt life will emerge through the columns, so I won’t bore you with it here, but you might look at the title and go, ‘Cthulhu’s tentacles, where did that weirdness come from?’ Well, whenContinue reading Talking to Dust…erm, ok. Why?”

Dark Devotional: For the Place Whereon Thou Standest Is Holy Ground

By Irim Sarwar I am writing this on Purim, the Jewish festival celebrating Queen Esther saving the Jewish people from Haman’s attempt to annihilate them. This is a day of great celebration, a day in which things are turned upside down —Haman, who had tried to destroy the Jews, unwittingly became the cause of theirContinue reading “Dark Devotional: For the Place Whereon Thou Standest Is Holy Ground”

Dark Devotional: Into the Lenten Desert

By Irim Sarwar There’s little doubt that Grumpy Cat could be considered my feline kindred spirit, especially if anyone has heard my delicate opinions on anyone from the stiff high church my-rubrics-are-better-than-your-rubrics “More lace is grace” crowd to the oft zealous bonhomie and non-ritual of many a low megachurch. Few have escaped my lifelong tendencyContinue reading “Dark Devotional: Into the Lenten Desert”