The Brood: How to Be a Bad Catholic

Bad Catholics don’t pray the rosary, but have at least five stashed around their house (and one in their car). Bad Catholics have no idea when the Holy Days of Observation are. Bad Catholics will receive the Eucharist at your wedding or funeral, even if they already broke their fast by toasting you in the parking lot

The Brood: Performance Art

by Holly Mohr Mass is hard with kids, right? Everyone knows that. Plenty has been written about how difficult it is to get kids to church (lost shoes, explosive diapers just as you’re walking out the door, existential crises and misplaced prayer books), how challenging it is to get them to “behave” during it, etc.Continue reading “The Brood: Performance Art”

Welcome to “The Brood.”

Reflections on relationships and spirituality from a philosopher and a madwoman. By Holly Mohr and Theresa Weiler brood /bro͞od/ noun a family of young animals, especially of a bird, produced at one hatching or birth. “a brood of chicks” Similar: offspring, young, progeny, spawn, family, hatch, clutch, nest, litter, progeniture verb to think deeply aboutContinue reading “Welcome to “The Brood.””