Lent: Silence is Nowhere; Silence is Everywhere

By Cassidy Hall On the days when I can’t find a break or a simple pause, saying to myself, “Silence is everywhere” would throw me into a quick rage. But, on days like today—days where I am filled by every moment in-between, days when each gaze out the window creates a renewal—I can acknowledge thatContinue reading “Lent: Silence is Nowhere; Silence is Everywhere”

For Lent, God is Taking My Breath Away

When Ash Wednesday arrived, I felt downright guilty for not having a smudge on my forehead—but I also couldn’t bear the thought of a liturgical service. The “break-up” is too fresh. So instead I enjoyed the tulips I’d bought a few days before to commemorate my late father’s birthday. They were saggy when I first brought them home, but on Wednesday they stood straight up, red-and-yellow sentinels attesting to the goodness of God. Oh, I remembered that I’m dust. I remember it every day. But at least I was able to honor the beauty around me as I slowly return to ash.

Catching Our Breath: 2022 Sick Pilgrim Lenten Series

The year since last Ash Wednesday has been A LOT. The seemingly never-ending pandemic, wrath of God weather (ice in Texas?! 100+degree weeks in western Canada and the Pacific Northwest?! Snow in the Carolinas?!…), political unrest here in the US and around the world, and now Russia has invaded Ukraine? It’s all too much. MuchContinue reading “Catching Our Breath: 2022 Sick Pilgrim Lenten Series”