The Brood: Vigil

This last week, Holy Week, I have felt detached, almost dissociative. I whittled my chore list down to the bare minimum, procrastinated on writing jobs, and napped while the kids were at school. When my family was home, I went through the motions of care in a fog. I baked a cake for C’s sixthContinue reading “The Brood: Vigil”

Things Keeping Us Going: LoveFest Edition

Yesterday, my brother and I flew to Florida to help our folks with a move. My brother had been down a couple of times over the winter, but this is my first trip here in over two years. There are boxes to unpack, painting and renovations to manage, and SHOPPING to be done. There isContinue reading “Things Keeping Us Going: LoveFest Edition”

Life, Work, Holy Week, Failure, Passover, Glory

Many who are in Christ will fall for this antichrist success strategy.

One form of falling for it will be to think that political victories, military victories, culture war victories, and other sudden or gradual earthly triumphs of the Church will bring the fulfillment of the final coming of God’s kingdom.

But the Catechism flatly denies all

Evolution and Magnalia Dei

By John W. Farrell             In the years since I first started writing about human evolution and the Church, there’s been an encouraging growth in the desire of Catholics to grapple with the challenges posed to some of the classical Christian doctrines by the science of evolution. The most important one remains the doctrine ofContinue reading “Evolution and Magnalia Dei”

Jesus Bids Us Deconstruct, and Monks Make a Vow of Ongoing Deconstruction

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; deconstruct, then reconstruct in a new way, and believe in the gospel. [Mark My Words 1:15] In my previous post here at Sick Pilgrim, I spoke of the Greek noun metanoia (mind change, or change of mind) and the Greek verb metanoein (toContinue reading “Jesus Bids Us Deconstruct, and Monks Make a Vow of Ongoing Deconstruction”

Dark Devotional: Saints Are Never Perfect

We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God (2 Cor. 5:20). If there’s one relationship red-flag I wish I could get every person to memorize, it would be this: if someone seems too good to be true, he probably is. Evil people depend on masks of respectability, and will do everything theyContinue reading “Dark Devotional: Saints Are Never Perfect”

The Holy Gospel on Spreading Dung

This past Sunday, the Gospel reading in the lectionary for the Roman Mass (Luke 13:1-9) showed Christ urging people to “repent” and to be aware that God is waiting patiently for them to do so, but to know also that God is somehow giving them a gracious overabundance of help. The reading starts with peopleContinue reading “The Holy Gospel on Spreading Dung”