Lent: Cleaning the Windows of Our Souls with Art

By David Russell Mosley Lent is often looked at as a dark time. And rightly so. Dust we are and to dust we shall return. And yet, Lent is a time, at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere for new life. The word itself, lent, comes from Anglo-Saxon and means lengthening, pointing to theContinue reading “Lent: Cleaning the Windows of Our Souls with Art”

Lent: Silence is Nowhere; Silence is Everywhere

By Cassidy Hall On the days when I can’t find a break or a simple pause, saying to myself, “Silence is everywhere” would throw me into a quick rage. But, on days like today—days where I am filled by every moment in-between, days when each gaze out the window creates a renewal—I can acknowledge thatContinue reading “Lent: Silence is Nowhere; Silence is Everywhere”