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Join Us! Sick Pilgrim Salon for October featuring: Brian Cooney!

From Brian: My background is somewhat diverse. I am an ordained minister, have a BA from Berklee College of Music, am apolitical. Over the years I have played in several bands in Boston and beyond before moving to Nashville, TN. I’ve been writing and performing sacred and cross-over music for the last three decades, beenContinue reading “Join Us! Sick Pilgrim Salon for October featuring: Brian Cooney!”

The Brood: How to Be a Bad Catholic

Bad Catholics don’t pray the rosary, but have at least five stashed around their house (and one in their car). Bad Catholics have no idea when the Holy Days of Observation are. Bad Catholics will receive the Eucharist at your wedding or funeral, even if they already broke their fast by toasting you in the parking lot

The Brood: Reasons to Marvel

“Look C!,” I exclaimed, in that desperately upbeat tone we parents use when stuck somewhere boring with our children, “It’s um…the Incredible Hulk, and…uh..Iron Man, right? The red one? And that’s….well, that’s Scarlett Johansson…?”


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