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The Brood: It’s Really No Big Deal Today, Brooders

by Holly Mohr It’s a gray day, Brooders. A gray day in Pittsburgh—who would have thought?! I know, I know. I chose this city that gets more rain than Seattle. I even like gray days sometimes. They take the pressure off; they practically beg you to snuggle in, get a book and a cup of…

The Brood: Not Today, Y’all

I don’t want to write. I want to escape. My fantasies include a) bathysphere, b) molecular disintegration, and c) eating my way into a warm cinnamon roll the size of a conversion van, then nestling in there like James inside his Giant Peach.

The Brood: Brooders Were Made for This Season

by Holly Mohr I woke up grateful and eager for Lent last week. Ash Wednesday couldn’t get here fast enough. (No, this is not normal for me). I spent the early part of the week making a short but meaningful list of Lenten practices I wanted to take on (or at least attempt), in order…

The Brood: Bad Brains and Great Days

It’s not the pain that bothers me so much as the helplessness. My brain is hijacked. I am disabled. The only thing to do is surrender, but surrendering means letting go. It means leaving my life and my family and my own mind for a time. I hate it. 

The Brood: Footballing, or Baseballing, or Something?!

by Holly Mohr Our little brood watched the Super Bowl this year, and I’ll tell you, I was into it. Okay, not like, watching-the-actual-football, or knowing-what-was-happening-at-any-point- in-the-game “into it,” but I didn’t hate that it was on. It was lovely having something special to focus on that brought our family together. Given the radical age…

The Brood: Just BE NORMAL

There’s a fine line, apparently, between feeling like a creative powerhouse on the cusp of her big break and a raving lunatic on the brink of going full Mrs. Rochester, and that line has something to do with my blood sugar. 

The Brood: Kairos, Chronos, and Whoa, I Need Sleep

by Holly Mohr Today is an exhaustion day. It’s a day when I do what needs to be done with as much equanimity as I can muster, in part because that’s who I want to be, and in part because conflict takes hella energy, and man, today I just don’t have that to spare.  It’s…

The Brood: The “Childishness” of the Eighty-somethings (#lifegoals)

by Holly Mohr Eighty-somethings are some of my new favorite people. Almost every time I meet someone new who is really excited about life, has a deeply wise perspective and a mischievous glint in their eyes, I learn they’re in their eighties. These eighty-year-olds I know, they write subversive theology, participate in social justice groups,…

The Brood: Magic

The moment I lit the tree, her whole demeanor changed. “Why, that makes a world of difference!” she exclaimed, her voice clear and strong, delighted for one bright moment before she disappeared into memory again.

The Brood: Happy New Year (Really)!

by Holly Mohr I’m always a little leery of wishing anyone a “Happy New Year” with too, too much excitement, as though we know this year will be better than the last one. The reigning “New Year’s narrative” encourages us to throw last year away, as quickly and thoroughly as possible, as though there is…


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