Sad, Angry, and Afraid

I was getting ready to write about the demands of self-sacrificing love that Jesus, after he rose from the dead, pressed on Simon Peter in a confrontation by the Sea of Tiberias. (See John 21.) But then I got the news of the mass killing of school children at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.Continue reading “Sad, Angry, and Afraid”

Life, Work, Holy Week, Failure, Passover, Glory

Many who are in Christ will fall for this antichrist success strategy.

One form of falling for it will be to think that political victories, military victories, culture war victories, and other sudden or gradual earthly triumphs of the Church will bring the fulfillment of the final coming of God’s kingdom.

But the Catechism flatly denies all

Jesus Bids Us Deconstruct, and Monks Make a Vow of Ongoing Deconstruction

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; deconstruct, then reconstruct in a new way, and believe in the gospel. [Mark My Words 1:15] In my previous post here at Sick Pilgrim, I spoke of the Greek noun metanoia (mind change, or change of mind) and the Greek verb metanoein (toContinue reading “Jesus Bids Us Deconstruct, and Monks Make a Vow of Ongoing Deconstruction”