In Case You Missed It: Lilliana Meldrum Poetry Reading from May, 2022

Lilliana Meldrum is an English teacher and a writer who lives in Amherst, NY with her partner, two children, and cat. Her work centers on speculative fiction, poetry, and memoir. She has been featured in publications such as Gingerbread House, Convivium, Image Journal, and Ethel.

Join Us! Sick Pilgrim Salon for May featuring: Isak Bond

Featured image: Steel Mask by Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Isak Bond is a husband, father, actor, high school teacher and drama coach. His work has appeared in Spilled Milk Magazine, Four Chambers, Convivium, rinky dink press, Jesus the Imagination, and Presence. He likes Shakespeare, Joyce, and Undset. Occasionally, you can catch him and his typewriter onContinue reading “Join Us! Sick Pilgrim Salon for May featuring: Isak Bond”

Things Keeping Us Going: Things Could Be Worse Edition

I’m day four into my first go ’round with Covid-19. It’s astonishing, really, given that I have worked continuously, in person, with tiny children, that I haven’t gotten sick sooner. Man, Covid is no joke. I’ve been SICK. I had planned on doing this week’s TKUG post on the brief glory that is my wisteriaContinue reading “Things Keeping Us Going: Things Could Be Worse Edition”

Things Keeping Us Going: Campfire, a Trip to the Library, Scallion Pancakes, and Dirt Therapy Edition

Last week was jam-packed and action-filled. Much of it was wonderful–I absolutely delighted in surprising my coworkers with goofy treats for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week, and I was tickled to catch up via videochat with a bunch of Sick Pilgrim artist-friends–but there was too much that was heavy and hard. By the timeContinue reading “Things Keeping Us Going: Campfire, a Trip to the Library, Scallion Pancakes, and Dirt Therapy Edition”

Things Keeping Us Going: Teacher Appreciation Week Edition

I began my career in education in 1985 in the campus child care center of UMASS/Boston, where I was studying estuarian geography. I had no intention of making a career in early education. I was going to study rivers and lead canoe trips . Seriously. That was my plan, and the gig in the childContinue reading “Things Keeping Us Going: Teacher Appreciation Week Edition”

Things Keeping Us Going: Spring Blooms Edition

I am every bit an earthy-crunchy, floppy straw hat wearing, dirt-under-my-nails Garden Girl. I married a Country Boy whose first jobs were on farms. His vegetable beds are a wonder of art and science. We are both firm believers in the power of Dirt Therapy. Few things strengthen the body and soothe the soul theContinue reading “Things Keeping Us Going: Spring Blooms Edition”

Things Keeping Us Going: LoveFest Edition

Yesterday, my brother and I flew to Florida to help our folks with a move. My brother had been down a couple of times over the winter, but this is my first trip here in over two years. There are boxes to unpack, painting and renovations to manage, and SHOPPING to be done. There isContinue reading “Things Keeping Us Going: LoveFest Edition”

Things Keeping Us Going: Peanut Butter Toast Edition

I have no idea how it started, but my brother and I are convinced that the first schmear of peanut butter tastes the best. For as long as I can remember, we have fought over the top of a new jar of peanut butter. At a recent family gathering, I learned that my cousins fightContinue reading “Things Keeping Us Going: Peanut Butter Toast Edition”