The Brood: A Love Letter to the City

by Holly Mohr I was driving through South Side the other night around 9pm, and there were skateboarders in the middle of the street. East Carson St. Summer is getting closer, it’s true, but the sky is still pitch black at 9pm, and the streets are certainly not empty of cars on any night inContinue reading “The Brood: A Love Letter to the City”

The Brood: Death, Resurrection, and (Church) Family Reunions

By Holly Mohr I spend a good bit of time noticing and writing about the things that are not quite right, both around and within me, especially with regards to the Church and society. (This column is called The Brood, after all). And while there is plenty of very real injustice to challenge, very realContinue reading “The Brood: Death, Resurrection, and (Church) Family Reunions”

The Brood: Eye Exams, The Kingdom of God, and Object Permanence

by Holly Mohr I identify as a progressive, but let’s be honest: I am really, really, profoundly bad with change. Biblically speaking, when Jesus tells Mary Magdalene not to “cling to him” when she recognizes him after the Resurrection, I definitely take it as a personal affront. Every time I read it, it stings allContinue reading “The Brood: Eye Exams, The Kingdom of God, and Object Permanence”

The Brood: Easter, I See You

By Holly Mohr “In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me, for I live and you will live, alleluia.” I lost my normal prayer book (on Easter, in my own house . . . Did it simply vanish into the cosmos without a trace? Yes. The answerContinue reading “The Brood: Easter, I See You”

The Brood: Everything is Not Okay

By Holly Mohr As Theresa has told us before, a late Brood is better than no Brood at all. And folks, the last two weeks + have been Broody. Holy hell. The serotonin from last night’s run seems to have spiked my brain back up into levels where I can (attempt) to write something coherent,Continue reading “The Brood: Everything is Not Okay”

The Brood: It’s Really No Big Deal Today, Brooders

by Holly Mohr It’s a gray day, Brooders. A gray day in Pittsburgh—who would have thought?! I know, I know. I chose this city that gets more rain than Seattle. I even like gray days sometimes. They take the pressure off; they practically beg you to snuggle in, get a book and a cup ofContinue reading “The Brood: It’s Really No Big Deal Today, Brooders”

The Brood: Brooders Were Made for This Season

by Holly Mohr I woke up grateful and eager for Lent last week. Ash Wednesday couldn’t get here fast enough. (No, this is not normal for me). I spent the early part of the week making a short but meaningful list of Lenten practices I wanted to take on (or at least attempt), in orderContinue reading “The Brood: Brooders Were Made for This Season”

The Brood: Footballing, or Baseballing, or Something?!

by Holly Mohr Our little brood watched the Super Bowl this year, and I’ll tell you, I was into it. Okay, not like, watching-the-actual-football, or knowing-what-was-happening-at-any-point- in-the-game “into it,” but I didn’t hate that it was on. It was lovely having something special to focus on that brought our family together. Given the radical ageContinue reading “The Brood: Footballing, or Baseballing, or Something?!”

The Brood: Kairos, Chronos, and Whoa, I Need Sleep

by Holly Mohr Today is an exhaustion day. It’s a day when I do what needs to be done with as much equanimity as I can muster, in part because that’s who I want to be, and in part because conflict takes hella energy, and man, today I just don’t have that to spare.  It’sContinue reading “The Brood: Kairos, Chronos, and Whoa, I Need Sleep”

The Brood: The “Childishness” of the Eighty-somethings (#lifegoals)

by Holly Mohr Eighty-somethings are some of my new favorite people. Almost every time I meet someone new who is really excited about life, has a deeply wise perspective and a mischievous glint in their eyes, I learn they’re in their eighties. These eighty-year-olds I know, they write subversive theology, participate in social justice groups,Continue reading “The Brood: The “Childishness” of the Eighty-somethings (#lifegoals)”