Things Keeping Us Going: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous Edition

Last week, I noted that our plans for the week were abruptly changed. Well, they just kept on changing. Every day this past week, one curve ball or another got tossed our way, until, on Friday, things simply became ridiculous.

We had planned to spend three days in one of our favorite places–the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. One thing and another turned that three days into a day trip on Friday. My Personal Chef and I are happily heading towards the Massachusetts Turnpike. We are half an hour from our home, and just a mile from the on-ramp to the Pike when the traffic reporter on the radio announces, “There is a 7 mile backup on the Mass Turnpike starting at [OUR EXIT]. ” My husband gives me a side glance and grin, “So, do you want to go to the beach?”

We turn around and head south towards the Rhode Island coast. To make the best of yet another change in plans, we decide to make a pitstop in Providence at a favorite place. We pull into the parking lot only to see the sign that says, “Closed for Renovations. ” We just shook our heads. Of course the restaurant is closed.

Oh, well, we will just stop in Wickford at another great place we know. Twenty minutes later, we walk up to the hostess at this lovely place on the harbor. “I’m sorry, we aren’t seating people now. We have a gas leak.”

I am not making this up.

We both just burst out laughing.

We did finally find lunch, and spent a glorious afternoon at the same state park we began this week of misadventure. Much of the time, we just sat in companionable silence, enjoying the beautiful view of sailboats on the sea.

Some of the time, though, we talked about how even though we said way back at the beginning of this vacation that what was important was connecting with each other and the folks we love, we still scrambled to make plans that would make the week “memorable.” All of those plans unraveled as quickly as we could make them. What was left was, well, us.

Turns out, that is enough.

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