The Magdalene Marathon

I go to the tomb and find it empty. 

I run to tell the disciples. 

I run back to the tomb with the disciples. They see the empty tomb and leave. After they go, Rabbouni, my Great One— risen from the dead— comes to me. He tells me to go tell his brothers and sisters to meet him in Galilee. 

I run back to the disciples and shout, “I have seen the Lord!” 

I run to Galilee.

+ + +

Dic nobis, Maria, quid vidisti in via?
Tell us, Mary, what did you see on the way?

The Sequence at the Mass of Easter Sunday

Let Christians offer praises
in sacrifice to the Paschal Victim!

The Lamb has redeemed the sheep.
The innocent Christ has reconciled sinners to the Father.

Death and Life fought an astonishing battle.
The Prince of Life who died reigns alive.

Tell it to us, Mary!
What did you see on the way?

I saw the tomb of Christ the Living One.
I saw the glory of the Risen One.

I saw the angelic witnesses.
I saw the shroud and cloths.

Christ my hope has risen.
He goes before his people into Galilee.

We know Christ has truly risen from the dead.
O Victor King, have mercy on us!

Ongoing Conversion
Ongoing Conversion

Published by Fr. Stephanos Pedrano, O.S.B.

Benedictine Monk and Priest of Prince of Peace Abbey, Oceanside, California, in the Order of Saint Benedict

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