Catching Our Breath: 2022 Sick Pilgrim Lenten Series

The year since last Ash Wednesday has been A LOT. The seemingly never-ending pandemic, wrath of God weather (ice in Texas?! 100+degree weeks in western Canada and the Pacific Northwest?! Snow in the Carolinas?!…), political unrest here in the US and around the world, and now Russia has invaded Ukraine? It’s all too much.

Much closer to home, my year has been action-packed and challenging. There has been a string of heartbreaking losses, some health issues for myself and several folks I love, and unexpected home repairs. It was not all doom and gloom, of course. We’ve celebrated weddings, new babies, retirements, and new jobs in my clan. With some brilliant, beautiful souls, I have been engaged in some truly fulfilling creative projects, too.

Good news or bad, the result is the same. I’m tired. I’m bone tired. My SOUL is tired.

Everyone I know is exhausted, too.

Last year, Sick Pilgrims shared their stories of pilgrimage throughout Lent. These days, though, it feels like even taking one more step could be too difficult. So, for this year’s Lenten series, we are going to explore what it means to tarry a while; to be still and know God; to follow Jesus to the solitary places to pray awhile.

I am TERRIBLE at resting, at waiting, at being still. My default style is to go full speed ahead until I am physically unable to keep going. My family and my ever-expanding team of medical specialists all shake their heads at me. Given that Scripture is full of admonitions to wait on God, I seem to be in good company.

Join us as the Sick Pilgrim spends Lent sharing the different ways we go about catching our breath while we wait on the Resurrection of Christ.

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