Welcome. Come Join Us.

By Marybeth Bishop

Welcome to the new home for Sick Pilgrim. You may notice that we are no longer on Patheos; this reflects our desire to be more inclusive of all those who long to create, just as we were created. We strive to be a welcoming home for all artists who are in conversation with a creator, whether that conversation looks like reverent prayer, screaming accusations, or a wrestling match with doubt over the very existence of a creator in the first place. We don’t offer answers, but instead hold open space for the many questions you may bring with you.

While the blog has always been our main method of communication and will continue to be, we plan to begin a collective for artists to pool our resources for the purpose of offering online classes and seminars, and advertising our availability as artists. Keep watching the blog for more information about these developments in the future.

We are excited to have some new columnists join us as well; we will be introducing them throughout the next few weeks.

We welcome your feedback, and we encourage your active participation. Please feel free to comment on our posts and on our Facebook page, or send us an email at info@sickpilgrim.com.

As we walk together through Lent and beyond, may we support each other’s faith journeys and encourage each other’s artistic endeavors. We look forward to creating this space in collaboration with you.

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